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archie cricket

Batting Average Skyrockets!

I’ve never been a great village cricketer, getting invited as much for my prowess drinking beer in the pub afterwards as talent with a bat.
Having spent several hours with a bowling machine at Writtle Cricket Centre though, my skills with a bat are rivalling those with a pint!

Jack Thorogood, Chelmsford

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Writtle Cricket Centre Ltd Safety Guidelines

Please agree to abide by these basic guidelines to ensure you and those around you have a safe net session.

Parking and entering the centre

  1. There may be lorry and forklift movements on the yard. Please be aware of these and take extra care when walking to the cricket centre.
    1. Please make sure children never go out on the yard unsupervised.
  2. During evening and weekend session there may be a large amount of car movements on the yard.
  3. Players and coaches only are allowed in the playing area. Spectators please use the viewing gallery.


  1. Be aware that the indoor nets provide a much faster batting surface than natural grass.
  2. Players must wear the correct protective equipment at all times:
    1. Pads
    2. Thigh Pad
    3. Gloves
    4. Helmet
    5. Box
    6. Plus any extra padding depending on experience, speed of bowler etc.
  3. Players must pad up in the changing or reception area – not the nets
  4. Do not take your kit bags etc into the nets they can cause obstructions which prevent people taking evasive action.
  5. Please do not wear jewellery or watches and ensure pockets are empty
  6. When preparing to bat players must stand at the back of the net and keep eyes on the ball at all times.
  7. Be aware of what is happening in the adjacent nets; please wait for a safe moment to retrieve the ball.


  1. Only one player shall bowl in any one net at any one time
  2. Those waiting to bowl must stand in a sensible position and watch the ball to avoid being stuck

In the event of an accident please contact the owner on: 07970491784

The first aid box is next to the dispensing machines